Once again, ESPN collaborated with 21st Century 3D to shoot the first ever 3D feature for their award winning show E:60. The subject, world’s greatest knife thrower The Great Throwdini! The episode was shot on Phantom HD high speed cameras for super slow motion and utilized our latest BX3.5 beam splitter stereoscopic mirror rig with Angenieux Optimo DP digital cine lenses.

Mirrors were broken, glass was shattered and we had a very fun shoot that resulted in amazing slow motion footage and a great piece that is currently being shown on ESPN 3D. E:60 was the first news magazine show of its kind to be shot in HD and is now the first in 3D! 21st Century 3D was also responsible for ESPN’s first ever foray into 3D with early Bristol, CT tests and Winter X Games 2008.

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