Stereoscopic 3D Cameras

21st Century 3D has developed a wide array of innovative (and in some cases proprietary) techniques that allow us to produce the most compelling 3D imagery you can imagine.

Our camera systems have been mounted on helicopters, UAVs (drones), automobiles, snowmobiles, motorcycles; we have even shot on roller-skates. We can help you maximize the stereoscopic effect for any given shot, making sure your vision looks even better in 3D.

With over 23 years of experience shooting in a wide variety of climates and terrain, 21st Century 3D will get you the best results in any conditions.

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BX3 Stereoscopic Camera

21st Century 3D Founder and CEO Jason Goodman on the set of "Julia X" with the BX3 stereoscopic camera.The BX3 Stereoscopic Camera in action