BX + Reds with motors When 21st century 3D entered the world of stereoscopic 3D back in 1993 there wasn’t much off-the-shelf 3D capturing equipment available. As a matter of fact there was none!

So we set out to design and develop our own cameras and workflows building a tremendous amount of experience over almost two decades of 3D production work.

BX schematics BX schematics BX schematics
Designed from the ground-up this Spruce Goose camera never really got up to the task We decided to go with modifying some off-the-shelf cameras to use them for 3D. The first 3DVX generation came to be. When DV Tape ceded to be the ultimate shooting format we ventured into digital capture adding two mac mini computers to our hand held 3DVX3 Our first beamsplitter design – circa 2007

First iteration of BX rigs used to shoot first independent 3D feature film Call of the Wild

Spruce Goose camera The first 3DVX 3DVX3 Our first beamsplitter design - circa 2007
RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT – 21st century 3D’s R&D is based on hands-on 3D production experience that is unique in the industry. Our constant design improvements stem from the ever changing stereoscopic production needs. EQUIPMENT DESIGN – Aside from best available optical instruments for s3D our design approach encompasses solving every little problem you may encounter on your shoot. From being able to utilize minimal crew to taking the entire rig with you on a commercial aircraft so that no shipping of equipment is needed.