1. How Is shooting 3D different than 2D?
    For a film-maker without any 3D experience, that extra dimension can be daunting. Special attention should be paid to how the camera is positioned and what elements are in view. Interocular and distance to zero parallax need to be considered.  Sometimes a standard lighting setup might be insufficient for the amount required of  a stereoscopic beam splitter. 21st Century 3D has over 17 years of experience making 3D films.  We can help fill your crew with seasoned 3D professionals and get you through the process smoothly.
  2. Can I use my own crew?
    Yes.  Your crew is a smart bunch of guys.  Usually a small amount of training, and on set support can get your crew through the transition smoothly. Although we can also recommend experienced stereographers, ACs, DITs, operators and post production facilities if you choose.
  3. Can you provide or recommend a crew?
    Yes! If you’d prefer we can provide the whole entire crew for you.
  4. How do I edit?
    Typically 21st Century 3D will provide you with monoscopic, compressed dailies files, which can be edited in the application of your choice. Once the offline edit is complete, we will prepare an HD 3D conform in which we replace low resolution proxy files with full resolution 3D files. Various 3D adjustments are also made at this stage.  The beautiful thing is, you don’t have to change your process at all.  The final output is a 3D movie that matches your edit exactly, with stereo image characteristics that are optimized by our experts.  This is our standard workflow, but we can use any method that works best for our you.  Alternatively, left and right videos are released and any stereo post production workflow can be utilized.
  5. Can a 2D video be converted into 3D?
    There are companies that offer this service. Quality varies as does price. Although 21st Century 3D does not do 2D-3D conversion typically, we can help you find a company that does. Alternately, we can help integrate existing 2D material into a 3D video.
  6. Can a 3D video be shown in 2D?
    Yes! Because we capture discreet left and right channels, either image channel can be taken alone and viewed as a normal 2D video.
  7. Can I have 3D animation, graphics, and effects in my live-action production?
    Yes! 21st Century 3D’s full time staff consists of  artists and experts that excel at creating stereoscopic 3D animation. We have been doing it for years, and can create graphics that blend seamlessly with your 3D live-action footage.
  8. Can an animation we have already done be converted to 3D?
    Usually. Depending on the software used and techniques employed in creating the original animation, 21st Century 3D may be able to work with your existing material to create a new stereoscopic 3D animation. Sometimes 2D tricks are used in surfacing, lighting and creating special effects in 3D animation software. These tricks don’t always translate well to 3D, but often alternative methods can be used to create a successful stereoscopic animation from existing 3D data files.