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21st Century 3D Launches BX4 Stereoscopic Beamsplitter

Las Vegas, NV April 16 2012

Today 21st Century 3D introduced the all new BX4 3D beam splitter mirror rig. BX4 represents the culmination of 21 years of experience in stereoscopic production. Designed specifically for RED EPIC, RED Scarlet, Arri Alexa M, Canon C500 and C300, and other small form factor D-Cinema cameras, BX4 is among the lightest and most versatile rigs available. Weighing only 11lbs in its lightest configuration, BX4 is optimized for steadicam, handheld, and remote head applications.

In addition to motorized interaxial and convergence controls, all camera alignment functions can also be motorized for remote operation. As always with 21st Century 3D rigs, any industry standard lens control and motors can be used including C-Motion, Preston, Arri and others. No built in electronics means no slow downs from electronic failures and no additional weight when motorized operation is not needed. For maximum portability all controls can be manually actuated as well.

In 2009, 21st Century 3D innovated the use of quarter wave retarders, which are now industry standard. WIth BX4, 21st Century 3D introduces a new, proprietary mirror formulation that eliminates the need for quarter wave filtration but still retains the amazing color quality and polarization artifact-free imagery for which 21st Century 3D has become known. This breakthrough allows the BX4 to employ the industry’s most advanced optical filtration.

Two optional filter holders are available for BX4, and they can easily be attached or removed in the field. The two stage filter holder utilizes standard 4×5.65 drop in filters. The single stage rotating holder accommodates 5.65×5.65 filters and has unique click stop positions as well as angle markings that allow DPs and stereographers to utilize linear polarizing filters and easily match the angle for both cameras. For the first time, cinematographers have the option to creatively employ polarizing filters in stereoscopic applications. Managing reflections and shooting beautiful skies in 3D is finally a reality with BX4.

BX4 is designed and manufactured with a minimum of parts and exotic materials, making for an industry leading base price of only $29,995.  Optional filter holders are $2,495 each. BX4 prototype is on display at NAB in booth C9510 alongside Dashwood’s revolutionary StereoCAT software. Integration with StereoCAT provides rapid alignment feedback and valuable metadata. BX4 will be available in May 2012 from 21st Century 3D.

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Norma Kamali 3D

For Fashion Week Spring 2012, world renowned designer Norma Kamali and filmmaker Jack Feldstein partnered with 21st Century 3D to create an eight-minute stereoscopic 3D video and individual 3D product videos showcasing Kamali’s Spring 2012 collection. An innovative alternative to the traditional runway show, the 3D event took place on September 14 at the height of Fashion Week, and was a hit with both press and showgoers.

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ESPN E60 in 3D

Once again, ESPN collaborated with 21st Century 3D to shoot the first ever 3D feature for their award winning show E:60. The subject, world’s greatest knife thrower The Great Throwdini! The episode was shot on Phantom HD high speed cameras for super slow motion and utilized our latest BX3.5 beam splitter stereoscopic mirror rig with Angenieux Optimo DP digital cine lenses.

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DTS Commercial

Los Angeles based production company A Common Thread brought 21st Century 3D together with Integrated Design Tools to shoot a DTS promo for the 2011 Consumer Electronics show. 3D was the hottest topic at the show, so naturally the spot was shot with two of IDT’s 1020 fps Y5 HDiablo cameras on a 21st Century 3D BX3.5 rig in stunning, high speed stereoscopic slow motion. Continue reading “DTS Commercial”