As stereoscopic 3D continues to take over movie theaters, desktop PCs and home TV screens, 3D advertising will grow even more important.  21st Century 3D has been creating unique advertising campaigns for major advertisers for the past decade for online campaigns, trade shows, sales meetings and product launches.


Mini VS. Monster 3D (2010)

Shot on location at Sam Boyd stadium with 21st Century 3D BX3 rigs, mounting  Phantom HD & RED ONE MX cameras, this slow motion extravaganza quickly went viral on youtube in anticipation of the full blown 3D theatrical commercial.

Monster vs Mini 3D sees a sell-out crowd of rowdy monster truck fans fall silent when the Mini hungry Iron Outlaw takes to the air.  In sensational 3D slow motion, the crowd rises to its feet –  jaws, hot dogs & drinks falling to the floor – as tires skim dangerously close to the roofs of the four-strong line-up of: MINI Cooper Convertible,  Clubman, S and Countryman.

Produced by World War Seven, and broadcast all over Europe and the US in both 2D and 3D, Monster vs. Mini 3D is a breakthrough in 3D advertising.  See it in 3D on Mini Cooper’s YouTube channel.


Michael Phelps Master Spas 3D Commercial (2010)

Master Spas is one of the first manufacturers to recognize the advantages of promoting their products with stereoscopic 3D. The incredible surge in popularity of this exciting medium brings new attention to otherwise ordinary ads. 21st Century 3D collaborated with Cat Studios to shoot a 3D commercial that will be aired in RealD theaters and on 3D TV channels like ESPN and Discovery, featuring 8 time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. The BX3 beamsplitter rig was used with our RED MX cameras on a Technocrane with a standard Z-head. Remote head operators love BX3 for its light weight and ease of setup.
We had a ton of fun and got some really nice shots of Michael swimming in these incredible cross trainer swim spas.



Crest White Strips online campaign (2009)

Dovetailing off of the massive 3D promotion for Monsters vs Aliens during the Superbowl, Crest White Strips created a special Valentine’s Day web site with an interactive stereoscopic component.  Kiss Me in 3D features a customizable user experience and breathtaking 3D imagery.



McDonalds (2008)

As the world’s largest restaurant franchise, McDonald’s required a suitably impressive launch presentation for their Destination 2010 “kitchen of the future” concept at their Owner/Operator Conference in Orlando, FL.

To showcase the future of McDonald’s, 21st Century 3D provided a stunning presentation outlining the corporation’s innovative new prototype kitchen. When the video ended, the custom built 3D theater opened to reveal a real world kitchen mock up.


Jose Cuervo 3D

Jose Cuervo (2007)

Diageo is the world’s leading premium drinks business with a collection of alcohol brands across spirits, wine and beer categories. This stereoscopic piece was created to launch the new, ultra premium Jose Cuervo brand, Platino.

Shown to a crowd of over 1,000 of the nations top liquor salespeople, this brief journey through time explored the past, present and future of Jose Cuervo tequila. The excitement of stereoscopic 3D helped build tremendous enthusiasm at the Las Vegas launch.


Humira Philadelphia (2007)

In yet another updated localization, HUMIRA comes alive in 3D with Philadelphia as the backdrop. Once again, 21st Century 3D incorporated local scenery and landmarks such as the Liberty Bell.

The small size and 4:4:4 color depth of our 3DVX system allowed the production to operate with an extremely small footprint and gain access to locations that would otherwise be prohibitive.



Humira Washington DC (2007)

Building on the success of the 2006 show, Abbott chose to create an entirely new 3D production to introduce GI docs to a new HUMIRA indication.

To localize this new piece for a Washington, DC audience, 21st Century 3D captured live action stereoscopic footage of Washington DC’s most famous landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.