Nothing captures the thrill of a live music experince like stereoscopic 3D.  The sensation of “being there” is unmatched.  21st Century 3D has shot many live performances from stadium concerts to club venues, country stars to belly dancers, whatever the act, live performances seem more real in 3D!





Black Eyed Peas: The End World Tour (2010)

21st Century 3D provided it’s versatile, lightweight 3D recording system BX2 holding a pair of Sony EX3 cameras all on Steadicam for the concert at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

Small size and ease of use of BX generation beam-splitter rigs allowed us to capture otherwise inaccessible footage from the very floor of the arena.


Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D (2009)

21st Century 3D served as second 3D unit on the Kenny Chesney Concert film, Summer in 3D.  Director Joe Thomas used several highly mobile 3DVX3.5 cameras to capture the most intimate moments on stage and around the stadium.

Filmed in 3D in five different cities, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston and Indianapolis, Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D takes audiences up-close and personal with the Man from Tennessee.

Premiering in April 2010


Chesapeake Bay Bridge music video (2010)

On a sunny Sunday morning in mid November we set out to shoot a music video in 3D for a documentary series produced by Maryland Public Television.

21st Century 3D provided it’s versatile, lightweight BX3 with a pair of Red MX cameras on a chase car with a Scorpio head to capture the drive over the bridge.

The whole setup was remotely controlled from within the vehicle where stereographer Jason Goodman, the director and producer were looking at the beautiful vistas on HD screens.


Bellydance Superstars in 3D (2009)

By 2009 the BDSS, had performed concerts in 20 countries to well over a million people in over 600 shows including the biggest shows ever in the history of bellydance anywhere.  Achieving yet another historical milestone, Bellydance 3D is the first stereoscopic home DVD release featuring beautiful bellydancers from across the globe.  Once again, 21st Century 3D’s unique stereoscopic recording technologies enabled this breakthrough home entertainment property.



Monster Circus in 3D (2009)

21st Century 3D shot this heavy metal supergroup with only one camera operator and virtually no support crew. The 3DVX stereoscopic camera system’s unprecedented level of portability allowed for a “zero footprint” production.

“The great rock ‘n roll stars from some of the great bands of the last three decades in a circus atmosphere… it doesn’t get any better than that. Las Vegas has never seen a show like this.”
-Ken Ciancimino, EVP, Las Vegas Hilton

Monster Circus 3D