Our small, self-contained, mobile, HD camera systems are perfect for getting the best of the action on the track or stage. That’s why we’ve been hired many times to go to places no other 3D crew could, to deliver stunning stereoscopic 3D footage.


Light The Wick (2010)

Teton Gravity Research, extreme sports production house well known for pushing the limits of new technology approached us about filming some amazing freestyle skiers as part of a 6 minute 3D segment of their feature length ski documentary Light the Wick.  With 21st Century 3D‘s Jason Goodman as stereographer, TGR’s crew mounted up the helicopter and proceeded to shoot some of the most amazing stereoscopic aerial ski footage ever seen.

21st Century 3D provided both side-by-side and beam-splitter rigs and Light the Wick was shot with RED ONE cameras and Angenieux Optimo DP lenses. Our BX3 stereoscopic beam-splitter and its industry leading optics performed excellently in the challenging environment of snow, glare, wet surfaces and bright contrasty skies.

21st Century 3D also authored the state of the art Bluray 3D version of light the wick.  The disc is available now and includes both anaglyphic versions for standard televisions and players, as well as an MVC encoded 3D version for the latest Bluray 3D players and HDMI 1.4 3D TVs.

You can read more about Light the Wick or order the disc at the official TGR website.


Kick Boxing Documentary in 3D (2008)

In the winter of 2008 21st Century 3D filmed a 3D documentary about Chris Kwiatkowski, Professional Muay Thai boxer and current world champion.

We followed Chris during his preparation for a match and recorded this short documentary where we reveal in 3D what happens before and during a fight.


Winter X Games 2008

When ESPN first wanted to test 3D technology to shoot a sporting event they turned to 21st Century 3D. Our industry leadership and years of experience proved invaluable in the cold climate and harsh weather conditions at the Winter X Games.

21st Century 3D provided equipment, manpower and know-how to help enable ESPN in their pioneering efforts in 3D content creation.



Skate 3D (2007)

21st Century 3D shot a stereoscopic test of some fast skating action to be used for a project pitch. Interesting detail about this shoot was that our steadi-cam operator was on roller blades the entire time following the action!

Yes, he was a skating champion back in the day before his cam-op career, but the ultra-light 3D cameras that we developed were the crucial element of this stunt.