5k-x-20k-pano721st Century 3D is the developer of and has exclusive access to the proprietary Ωmega 360° VR camera platform.  This patent pending technology utilizes professional, digital cinema cameras and cinema lenses to capture compelling, immersive virtual reality experiences unlike any other device currently in the market.  It offers unparalleled image quality, resolution and control over stereoscopic effect.  The 21st Century 3D Ωmega 360° VR camera platform is the only VR system in the world to offer variable interaxial from 0″ to 4″ for unprecedented control of stereo depth within a scene.


21st Century 3D CEO Jason Goodman was Director of Photography for Marriott’s Virtual Teleporter VR experience, created by Framestore.


A true leader in the industry, 21st Century 3D’s first VR project was completed in 1997 (when Palmer Luckey was only 5)